What happens after the 10 Days?

When you have completed the 10 Day Reset, we recommend picking from the two options below:

#1 Stay on the 10 Day Reset protocol. If you’re feeling great, and want to continue, stay on the 10 Day Reset diet for an additional 10 days. You don’t have to use the 10 Day Reset box, you can focus on just the 10 Day Reset diet and general protocol. Continue to have a shake for breakfast and lunch and dinner from the approved list of foods. Also, continue to prioritize sleep and honor the 12-14 hour fasting window. 

#2 Transition to the Pegan Diet. The Pegan Diet is a funny name, but it is essentially a way to eat for life. It incorporates the principles of the 10 Day Reset protocol with room for incorporating other foods. Maybe you add in some gluten-free grains or grass-fed dairy if you can tolerate it. Maybe you follow the 10 Day Reset diet most of the time, and you still enjoy a glass of wine with friends and dessert on occasion.

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